Learn how your company can forecast costs and optimize inspection and maintenance using asset integrity management software.


Many industry managers face a major challenge when it comes to asset integrity management. In addition to having to guarantee the smooth functioning of the plant with the minimum possible interruptions, they also need to guarantee the safety of all employees following strict legal protocols, and constantly check if the assets can still perform their functions or if their useful lives are near the end.


To make this possible, those in charge have the challenge of managing a high amount of assets by making following the most used normative standards to maintenance and inspection decisions. In industrial plants such as steel, petrochemicals, and oil and gas, the complexity of production is too high, to have an idea, within plants like these the number of assets to be examined can easily exceed the number of 500,000.




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Given the large volume of managed elements and the difficulty of having all this data organized in a way that can be read, we at Vidya developed the Vidya Asset Integrity Management Software.


How does Vidya AIM Software operate?


Our software makes a complete reading based on digital replicas of the plant in analysis.


Within the Vidya Software interface, it is possible to control all assets within the system through specific filters, dashboards and even heat maps. In this way, you can use different customizations to select the type of asset you want to manage.


vidya software dashboard


When selecting an element within the software, you can perform its management with budget simulations for decision making, and from there the service orders are automatically generated and sent to a tablet, in which the operator responsible for the function must perform the indicated inspection. The data captured in the inspection will feed the software so that the asset’s integrity status is updated, from that, the prediction algorithms will deliver results such as the asset’s useful life or maintenance need, so that the planning is done in the best way.


As it is equipped with Machine Learning algorithms, the software starts to calculate patterns after the first inputs, and thus, it starts to learn and indicate which are the areas that need more attention due to the level of degradation of its assets.



vidya software interface



It is also possible to have IoT sensors equipped in areas that require more attention. As we know, industrial environments can be very aggressive, and with the use of these sensors you have access to real-time control of the state of each element in question in an integrated way with Vidya Software.



Vidya AIM Software is the ideal solution for Industries seeking for innovation.


With software that enables asset integrity management in an organized, timely and accurate manner, the workforce that previously spent hours surveying the assets to be inspected, can be allocated to other parts of production that require special attention. This is possible due to the software’s ability to organize the elements to be inspected in just a few clicks.


Furthermore, Vidya AIM Software enables the remote management of these assets, delivering the necessary data for analysis of which parts are in need of inspection and maintenance. In this way, the necessary intervention is performed at the ideal time, reducing unexpected interruptions in the production line, making cost forecasting assertive and consequently reducing risks.


Now that you know the advantages of using Vidya AIM Software to your advantage, talk to one of our specialists today and be part of the select team of technological and innovative industries.


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