Have you ever imagined having complete control over the integrity of industrial assets on a centralized and fully digital platform?


With Vidya Software this is possible!


In addition to delivering greater control over the information needed for strategic decision making, Vidya Software is a great ally for planning inspection and maintenance plans, automating the process. Through the software, service orders and documentation are now shared digitally with the teams involved in the activity, making the process more agile and more cost-effective.

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Through the 3D model, the operator can quickly locate the elements to be inspected. When selecting an element, it is possible to associate it with pre-existing execution plans and define parameterizable attributes according to the operation. The software automatically calculates the order of activities, distance between the elements or machinery needed to perform the task, it is also possible to define the routes that the inspection teams will take. These routes are also customizable, and you can choose the order of the elements to be inspected from the distance between the elements, or from other information about access to the element, or other parameters such as even by CDS level (Corrosion Degradation State)


After that, within the Vidya Software interface it is possible to define the teams involved in the activity, as well as the task execution schedule. One of the most immersive advantages of the software is the parameterization. Through it, it becomes possible to synchronize information from pre-existing inspection plans and use them as a reference in the preparation of new plans.




The Software issues digital service orders that are automatically sent to the operators involved, through tablets, thus eliminating the stacks of papers and documents, and replacing them with easily accessible information and location between teams.


Through kanban panels it is possible to monitor the status of each activity, where we can easily see which operators are involved, their time of execution, what are the activities to be performed, their start date, and forecast of completion.




The aforementioned service orders are sent to tablets, which are not just mere devices like any other, but devices made according to the safety regulations necessary for use within industrial plants.


Within the tablet, operators must complete the work order by filling out parameterized checklists according to the specific needs of the inspection activity in question and checking whether the field inspection conditions are in accordance with the requirements, identifying for example if the temperature of the location, condition of equipment, among other factors, are as expected.


Operators can indicate areas affected by corrosion, for example, by capturing photos or even flagging those areas directly on the 3D model. The Vidya software was developed with auto-synchronization, that is, there is no need for internet for the information to be updated and synchronized in its database.





After this input of data from the field and the synchronization of the information, it is possible to use Business Intelligence panels, to have a broad view of its operation in a visual way. In addition, with the help of predictive algorithms to obtain strategic information about the state of the inspected elements and the need for maintenance, adding the collected data to Vidya’s predictive algorithms, we obtain strategic information about the state of the inspected elements, making it possible to predict its condition over time, which is fundamental for strategic decision making and predictive maintenance management. This functionality of Vidya Software, becomes essential for making strategic decisions about the operation.


Vidya software has taken asset integrity management to the next level, enabling greater control over industrial assets through industry 4.0 technologies, and bringing new competitive advantages to industries, through optimizations that bring real results to operations.


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