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The secrets behind Digital Twin


Here at Vidya we’re aware of the importance of Digital Twin technology to the industrial sector. As digital twins are a key element for Digital transformation we decided to share with you an amazing ebook that will help you understand everything about digital twins applied to digital transformation strategies. Fill out the forms to access it

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A revolutionary Technology

Digital twin is a key technology for the industrial sector. Through its many functionalities, industries can achieve optimization within many disciplines. The application of this technology is already a trend within the sector, that has been daily searching for its implementation on operations and processes

Digital twin is a continuous flow of relevant data transiting from an existing asset to its digital replica. Having a Digital twin can be the thriving point for industries that look forward to digital transformation strategies.

This Ebook also brings other concepts about Digital Twin Technology, like Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, and IoT (Internet of Things).

In this Digital Twin Ebook

you are going to Learn:

  • What is Digital Twin and the other Digital Transformation technologies

  • The many applications of Digital Twin

  • How to Apply Digital Twin within complex industrial enviroments

  • How to Improve Asset Integrity Management through a Digital Twin

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