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SLB uses AI to optimize Asset Performance with Digital Equipment Performance

SLB (formerly Schlumberger) is the largest oil services company in the world. Providing technologies for the upstream and downstream energy sectors, the company is committed to searching for innovative solutions. In this context, SLB made its first Open Innovation program in Brazil, called SLB Conecta. It was in this context that Vidya was selected to apply the Digital Equipment Performance application, an AI-driven solution, for the Iron Roughneck equipment. Extensive and unstructured technical data is usually generated from industrial equipment. Although there’s a high data volume, it can be hard to cross them to have a precise or even predictive [...]

February 14th, 2024|Artificial Intelligence|

Unlocking AI’s accuracy and reliability

AI's growth scenario   From its early days as a theoretical concept to today's omnipresent reality, AI's journey has been characterized by exponential growth. According to a 2022 IBM research, more than a third of companies (35%) report the use of AI in their business, a four-point increase from 2021. This illustrates a key change in the way we face reality, but different from other technological revolutions: today’s tool learns from its own experience at increasingly higher speed and scale.     These tools are programmed to have a human-like thought process. Moreover, they are now a reality in the [...]

Data Contextualization – Make data do more!

Introduction   Since Industry 4.0, companies have been implementing digital technologies to digitize their operations based on cyber-physical models.  Ten years after the beginning of the transformation generated by Industry 4.0, these companies are often struggling with the difficulty of generating value through the use of the data generated in their operations. We can say that we are no longer in an age of data, but in an age in which it is necessary to understand, organize, and qualify this data in order to effectively generate value.     In this article, we will address some of the main [...]

How data contextualization has been assisting asset management

Asset management brings together some good practices that should be used by organizations in order to optimize their processes and control in order to achieve a desirable result and performance, ensuring the safety of operators and integration between different industrial disciplines.   From the revolutionary concepts of industry 4.0 and the application of technology in the midst of production processes, asset management has been driven by technologies capable of extracting, processing, and storing gigantic amounts of data.     A common industry can easily surpass the number of 500,000 assets, which must be monitored in order to guarantee the [...]

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