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Investment in Digital Fabric Maintenance Solution Saves USD$965,000 for FPSO in One Year

The implementation of Digital Fabric Maintenance solution has enabled greater digitalization and a reduction of more than 70% in the total time spent on inspection and development of maintenance plans in an active FPSO   Innovation in the Oil & Gas industry has become increasingly attractive. Despite this, McKinsey research indicates that offshore platforms currently operate on average at only 77% of their maximum potential, which generates even more interest in Oil & Gas companies worldwide in adopting new tools for their operation. In this scenario, in order to speed up the corrosion assessment process and the creation of [...]

March 8th, 2023|Oil and Gas|

Exploring the Depths: Understanding Offshore Oil Drilling

Introduction:   Subsea drilling is a complex and challenging operation that requires advanced technologies, techniques, and skilled teams to achieve optimal safety and efficiency. Despite the access to previously unreachable resources, it poses unique challenges such as deepwater drilling, harsh environments, and high costs. In recent years, however, drilling analytics and digital technologies focused on asset performance management have emerged as powerful tools for addressing these challenges and improving the safety and efficiency of subsea drilling operations.   The concept behind Oil drilling   Drilling for oil is the process of extracting hydrocarbons, primarily crude oil, and natural gas, from [...]

March 1st, 2023|Asset Integrity Management, Offshore, Oil and Gas|

Difference Between Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

Intro: The oil and gas industry has significant importance in the global economy. Its role goes beyond providing energy, but also the production of a wide range of everyday products. The industry is basically made up of three main segments, each of them responsible for a specific part of the whole process of extracting crude oil from the subsurface and turning it into commercial goods: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Each segment plays a unique role in the production, transportation, and distribution process of oil and gas products. In this blogpost, we will explore and describe each of these segments their [...]

February 22nd, 2023|Oil and Gas|
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