The oil and gas industry has been constantly faced in recent years with the need for reinvention in the midst of a period where the need to adapt to renewable energy and its impacts on oil consumption are increasingly present.

The disruption that the sector faces is perhaps the biggest among industries. It is a sector that must adapt to new business models in order to maintain competitiveness in the market, operating with sustainability, and less risk.


For this, new strategies are needed to add value to operations through technologies that optimize the workforce, generating value and purpose to the current business model.

Certainly, walking towards the disruption of traditional methods is not an option for the oil and gas sector, but an essential need so that these industries are not affected by the falling prices of the oil barrel, and the many crises that the sector has faced in the past 30 years.

For this, industries must be open to technologies that seek to decentralize the operation, using data, and artificial intelligence so that information about the operation occurs through a continuous flow of data, with the prediction of trends among other valuable information for decision-making, be obtained for the development of action and execution plans with the help of insights generated by data interpretation.

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In addition, industries need to align their expectations and objectives with their stakeholders so that disruption can take the desired path and deliver relevant results.




When analyzing the oil and gas sector, it is essential that analyzes are also carried out at its facilities in order to identify new opportunities for performance gains through the use of technology.

From extraction to oil refining, industrial plants in this sector have a very high degree of complexity, with several variables that are difficult to control, and in addition to the need to operate with the least possible risk to their operators through their operation.

For this to be possible, it is essential that strategies for monitoring the integrity of assets are drawn up and aligned with technologies such as Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence. In this way, the industry has the opportunity to generate value for its operation through tools that promote the digitization and automation of inspection and maintenance activities, and also allow types of analysis through AI algorithms, which would not be possible through methods traditional.

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Asset integrity management within an industrial facility is one of the most important disciplines within the processes. Responsible for ensuring the safety and continuity of the operation, integrity management has been one of the disciplines that can be optimized through digital transformation. Click and access detailed content on this important subject.


The tendency is for these industries to embark on the journey of digital transformation through customizable tools that can be applied and adapted to the specific needs of that industry.

They are software equipped with Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence, and IIoT, the tools that have the potential to generate the disruption that this sector so badly needs.

Tools capable of fully replicating a plant with tens of thousands of assets that need to be monitored and managed, generating data through a continuous flow of information, and which, with the help of AI algorithms, are able to identify anomalies that are difficult to perceive, generating alerts, and even predicting failures, become essential on a journey in search of a new digital age.

It is essential that the Oil and Gas industries understand the need for reinvention in a period that demands flexibility, decentralization, and, above all, performance gains with the use of the latest technology, so that their businesses remain competitive in a constantly changing and changing market. by constant transformations.


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