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A Guide to Better Leveraging IoT Data (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things) has been widely used by the oil and gas industry, forming a large communication network between physical objects, which have any possibility of communication with each other. The use of this technology in industrial plants has allowed the extraction of gigantic amounts of data, bringing up the question:   How to use IoT data efficiently?   The path found by the oil and gas industries so that data can be used in order to generate valuable insights and turn them into actions that result in performance optimization, control, safety and greater fluidity of the process as [...]

June 17th, 2021|Digital Transformation, Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, iot|

IoT Solutions for More Control and Security in Industrial Operations

Technologies driven by Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation have been helping many industries to adapt to a new model of operation based on digitization, which is establishing itself in the market. Among these new technologies, IoT (Internet of Things) is one that has been attracting attention due to its various applications. The importance of this technology for the industry and its functionalities applied to operations and processes are already well known by a large part of the sector. Many companies tend to adapt to this new scenario so that they can better enjoy the benefits generated by the application of [...]

Industry 4.0: The Revolution caused by Industrial IoT

With the 4th industrial revolution, the world began to enter a stage known as digital transformation. This period is marked by countless technologies that have gained space among industries, generating new possibilities for optimization and control over operations and processes. Among the various technologies emerging from this period, iiot (Industrial Internet of Things) has become essential for many companies to achieve better results through control over assets, resulting in greater safety for operators and the environment.   When we refer to iiot, we are talking about a segmentation coming from IoT (Internet of things) technology, however, the industrial internet of [...]

August 25th, 2020|Industry 4.0, iot|
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