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Los 3 niveles de la tecnología Digital Twin – 2023

La Industria 4.0 es una onda revolucionaria de la expansión científica que ofrece instrumentos cada vez más interconectados al sector industrial mediante el uso de la tecnología. Entre los diversos instrumentos surgidos de este movimiento, uno ha llamado la atención por su revolucionario resultado: El Digital Twin. Esta tecnología es utilizada en la industria para aumentar la productividad mediante la planificación y optimización del proceso de recopilación y análisis de datos a través de un flujo continuo de información entre un activo real y una réplica digital. Esta herramienta puede funcionar de una serie de maneras, y, sin embargo, [...]

July 7th, 2023|Digital Twin|

The 3 Levels of the Digital Twin Technology – 2023

The Industry 4.0 is a revolutionary movement that has provided increasingly interconnecting components to the industrial sector through the use of technology. Among the several tools that emerged from this movement, one has been calling the attention due to its revolutionary outcome: The Digital Twin. This technology is being used in industry to raise productivity by planning and optimizing the process of collecting and analyzing data through a continuous flow of information between a real asset and a digital replica. However, this technology can work in many different ways, and it is necessary to understand its specificities to achieve [...]

August 9th, 2022|Digital Twin|

The Value of Digital Transformation

It is not the strongest of the surviving species, nor the most intelligent. It is the most adaptable to change”. This is one of Charles Darwin's most famous phrases and one that has been redefined by Digital Transformation. Digital transformation has been one of the biggest trends in the world. Just as our society and countries undergo changes and transformations, so does the industrial sector. Technology has taken over our lives and routines, today the services that a few years ago were done manually, with paper and clipboards, are performed through a touchscreen.   But what is the digital transformation [...]

July 14th, 2021|Digital Transformation|

A Guide to Better Leveraging IoT Data (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things) has been widely used by the oil and gas industry, forming a large communication network between physical objects, which have any possibility of communication with each other. The use of this technology in industrial plants has allowed the extraction of gigantic amounts of data, bringing up the question:   How to use IoT data efficiently?   The path found by the oil and gas industries so that data can be used in order to generate valuable insights and turn them into actions that result in performance optimization, control, safety and greater fluidity of the process as [...]

June 17th, 2021|Digital Transformation, Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, iot|

The need for decarbonization in the industrial sector

The need to reduce carbon emissions has been generating a major long-term transformation within industries. There are a lot of discussions about how digital transformation has been the escape valve for these many companies that adopt new strategies, and generate value through the use of technology aimed at decarbonization.   Certainly, the digital transformation makes it possible for these industries to operate in a cleaner and more sustainable way, in line with the countless changes that occur in the world, and which demand efforts so that the business models remain viable.   In the midst of so many changes, it [...]

March 25th, 2021|Decarbonization, Digital Transformation|

The secrets of why digital transformation has been crucial for industries

Digital transformation has certainly been a game-changer within the industrial sector. From this important movement, the industries started the digitalization process. There were countless technologies emerging in the period, responsible for a real disruption with traditional methods, used for years in operations. It was thanks to technologies such as:  Artificial Intelligence (AI)  IoT (Internet of Things)  Machine Learning  Big Data  Digital Twin that industries have been able to achieve results never before achieved. The implementation of systems and tools, equipped with technology within the plants, resulted in new optimization parameters, where data access and control becomes a crucial technique to [...]

March 16th, 2021|Digital Transformation|

Digital Twin is revolutionizing Asset Integrity activities in the industry – but how does it works?

Have you ever come across an article talking about how Digital Twin will change industries? The search for this technology is increasing among many industrial managers, especially the asset integrity ones, and software powered by this solution is the sector’s bet.    Digital Twin History    The Digital Twin was originally designed by Michael Grieves in 2002, to be used in industries Project Life-cycle Management (PLM). To simply define a Digital Twin, it is the digital representation of an existing object, with the ability to exchange data. In a real Digital Twin, all the data flows from the physical to [...]

January 26th, 2021|Asset Integrity Management, Digital Twin|
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