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Main problems regarding Steel Industries Operation and Maintenance

The steel industry is one of the oldest and also one of the most important industries on the global market. However, several problems have been affecting this sector for a long time, due to the rigidity of many processes and the hostile environment they often operate in. This scenario makes innovation in this sector very difficult, but it is still necessary. In this post the main challenges related to the steel industry will be covered, in order to support the addressing of innovation and process optimization.       4 Major problems in the steel industry   1. [...]

August 4th, 2022|Steel|

3 ways to optimize Steel Industry operation and maintenance results

Despite being an essential sector for almost every type of operation, from the supply of raw materials to the manufacturing of final products, the steel industry is not immune to various economic problems and challenges in optimizing its operation. Aiming to strengthen itself after the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, several opportunities in process optimization and maintenance in this sector have emerged. But what can the managers of these industries focus on to minimize the after-effects of years of declining results? Read the article below and find out what are the best ways to optimize the operation and maintenance [...]

July 21st, 2022|Asset Integrity Management, Steel|

The answer to Steel Industries future relies on Digital Twins

Digitalization has provided the opportunity of reinvention of the industrial sector through the intelligent use of data and application of technologies from the fourth industrial revolution for better efficiency and operation control.     But how effectively can a complex industry like the steel industry change its operation to better management of assets, energy efficiency, and serious accident prevention? The solution may lie in the digital twin. Digital Twin: Predict the Future   The digital twin is one of the technologies that quickly became popular thanks to its high applicability. It is through its use that industries can base [...]

November 26th, 2021|Digital Twin|
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