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Successful Stories

How innovative companies are improving their asset integrity management working with Vidya Technology.

4 systems integrated  in Vidya Software: a Blowout Subsea Preventor (BOP) Digital Twin

With complex industrial plants, loads of documents and data are storage in diverse systems. To have quick access to all of them, Ocyan needed a smart solution to save time and integrate all available information in just one place.

Control and prevent corrosion of metallic structures

To have full control over the assets integrity is a masterful job. Through predictive algorithms and real-time data, Vale now have a cutting-edge technology to monitor corrosion degradation levels.

FPSO Digital Twin

High cost of asset integrity

With thousands of components to manage combined with high cost of asset integrity, Industries struggles in the search for a sustainable and smart option to guarantee operational safety and no shutdowns in their plants.

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