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Vidya Technology delivers 4 R&D deep tech projects in partnership with Petrobras

Petrobras is a Brazilian multinational oil and gas corporation, being the largest oil producer in the Western Hemisphere and the 10th largest oil producer in the world. Committed to the development of innovative technologies for the Oil, Gas, and Energy sector they have multiple R&D programs, such as the Petrobras Connections for Innovation. Through this program, they promote a series of initiatives to enhance the integration with the innovation ecosystem. The projects listed below are the result of this collaboration between Petrobras and Vidya for the development of innovative technologies for the O&G sector.   Digital Approach for Process Safety [...]

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Ocyan Invests in Vidya: A New Chapter in Tech Innovation

Rio de Janeiro, November 21st, 2023. Ocyan, the oil, gas, and new energies service provider announced its first Venture Capital Investment in a startup. The company now has a minority shareholding in Vidya Technology, a deep tech company that develops hardware, software, and artificial intelligence solutions for asset integrity and performance management. Ocyan’s journey with Vidya Technology started in 2020. Since then, Vidya Technology has implemented applications for both the performance management of BOPs (Blowout Subsea Preventer) and the integrity management of FPSOs. In addition, the two companies are jointly developing a hardware for the management of corrosion under insulation [...]

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Enhancing Ocyan’s FPSO Fabric Integrity with Artificial Intelligence

September 04th, 2023. Vidya Technology and Ocyan have completed 3 years of partnership since the Digital Fabric Integrity project in the FPSO Cidade de Itajaí. The AI-driven solution combines Digital Twin technology, reality capture, and AI Computer Vision to autonomously locate, map, and identify visual anomalies. With up to 90% AI accuracy and identifying 256% more anomalies than the usual approach, the project was able to transform data, images, and reports into safer and more efficient maintenance actions.  Industrial operations face many challenges related to downtime, safety, and productivity. The critical point common to all of these challenges can be [...]

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3 Key Takeaways from the IMSS Event

The SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Brazil Section event, Integrity Management System Symposium (IMSS), took place on August 2-4 in Rio de Janeiro. The main objective of IMSS was to foster discussions in the Oil and Gas industry regarding the “New SGSO”, which stands for the New Safety Management Systems. The New SGSO is Brazil's first operational safety regulation, consisting of 17 distinct performance-oriented and risk management practices aimed at enhancing facilities and operations within the Oil and gas sector. During the symposium, 3 main topics were discussed to jointly establish a projection of what is expected for Brazil in [...]

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Iron Roughneck: A Critical Component in Oilfield Operations

Intro In the oil and gas industry, efficiency and safety are primary concerns to managers. To meet the goal of constant safe and reliable operation, advanced machinery and tools are employed to carry out complex tasks. One such vital tool is the iron roughneck. This blog aims to explain what an iron roughneck is, its purpose in oilfield operations, the challenges associated with its maintenance, the role of predictive analytics in failure prediction, and the consequences of iron roughneck failures on operations and companies. Understanding the Iron Roughneck An iron roughneck is a robust hydraulic device used in drilling operations, [...]

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Podcast: The energy transition panorama with Digital Twin

  Transcription: Hello welcome to vidyacast, the smart doses of industries innovation podcast! Maintenance is a fundamental process for any industrial operation. It is very true that maintenance is not a kind of investment that will result in more profits, however, investing in maintenance means not losing money. Investing in maintenance means to ensure that processes, assets, and equipment work and perform their functions in the most adequate way possible, without generating unnecessary risks. The failure of an asset generates a long-term loss in profitability. Asset malfunctions can escalate into major accidents with large-scale economic, environmental and human impacts. [...]

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Podcast: The energy challenge for Chemical industry

  Transcription: Chemical industries are responsible for a wide range of products used in everyday life. They are manufactured products for urban, rural and industrial use. Insecticides, medicines and personal care products are outputs from industrial chemical processes. The process of these industries consists of using natural resources such as water, minerals and organic products as raw material. In order for the inputs to actually be transformed into marketable products, there is a long process of chemical transformation within the industrial process. The main process within this industry is combustion. It is from the burning that the necessary chemical [...]

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Podcast: The IoT trend for Industries

Transcription: Iot is one of the most popular technologies from digital transformation. The use of Iot has fallen into mainstream use. Today it is not uncommon to see devices equipped with this kind of sensor in daily lives. Iot is a technology that enables devices to communicate with themselves without human interaction. One of the most popular examples of IoT devices is the smart home and Amazon’ Alexa. Its application is so broad that this technology also plays a fundamental role in the industrial environment. The Industrial internet of things is what it's called. For industries the importance of [...]

April 5th, 2023|Uncategorized|

Podcast: Industries of the Future

  Transcription: The digital transformation has caused a major disruption in industries. Manual activities were automated through technologies and the trend is that this keeps going even further. Digitalization is strongly entering the mainstream. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Industrial internet of things and digital twins are the main responsible for this revolution in industries. The application of these technologies are creating huge cybersystems in industrial plants. With the years passing by and the constant evolution of these technologies we can say that industries of the future will be based on full data-driven operation. The sharing of information between [...]

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Podcast: Digital twin do it yourself

Transcription: Hello welcome to Vidyacast the smart doses of industries innovation podcast! In today’s episode we’re going to be talking about the Digital Twin technology. The digital twin technology is known as a continuous flow of data between real assets and digital ones. This technology can be considered as the closest thing to predicting the future in industrial plants. Even though there are many concepts regarding the digital twin technology we can say that the link sharing real time information between the assets is the authentic digital twin. Also this digital twin can be fed with different stacks of [...]

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