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FOG 2021: How was the event? The 3 most discussed topics!

The 5th edition of Future Oil and Gas took place between 16-17 November 2021, and here we listed 3 of the event's trends. This virtual conference addressed crucial themes for the Oil and Gas sector. Such as digital innovation, energy transition, collaboration, and interoperability. If you didn’t have the chance to see all the Panels or to follow the event, Vidya Technology has your back!  There were two days of a very insightful conference. After the warm welcome of Adam Soroka, from Cavendish Group International, Panels, workshops, presentations, and breakout sessions got into a discussion about digitalization, carbon capture, cybersecurity, [...]

November 24th, 2021|Uncategorized|

Como a contextualização de dados auxilia a gestão de ativos

A gestão de ativos reúne algumas boas práticas que devem ser utilizadas por organizações com o intuito de otimizar seus processos e controle com a finalidade de alcançar um resultado e performance desejável, garantindo a segurança dos operadores e a integração entre as diferentes disciplinas industriais.   A partir dos conceitos revolucionários da indústria 4.0 e a aplicação de tecnologia em meio aos processos produtivos, a gestão de ativos tem sido impulsionada por tecnologias capazes de extrair, processar e armazenar quantidades gigantescas de dados.     Uma indústria comum pode superar facilmente o número de 500.000 ativos, que devem [...]

October 26th, 2021|Portuguese, Uncategorized|

How will Asset Integrity Be Like In The Next 10 Years?

Asset integrity management, also represented by the acronym AIM, is the technique that seeks to optimize the capacity of an industrial asset to perform its function accurately and efficiently, extending its useful life and bringing more safeness to the people who interact with these assets. Asset integrity management is necessary from the design stage to the end of its useful life. All stages of the process must be taken into account in order to avoid greater risks to the environment, to people, and to the industrial installation of which they are part. However, not all companies have this complete view [...]

April 22nd, 2021|Uncategorized|
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