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How Equinor achieved optimal FPSO Integrity with Digital Fabric Maintenance

Equinor is an international energy company headquartered in Norway. With over 22,000 employees in 30 countries, they are committed to long-term value creation in a low-carbon future. They aim to turn natural resources into energy for people and progress for society using innovative solutions. In this context, they’ve collaborated with Vidya Technology on two offshore Oil and Gas projects. The first result of the collaboration is the DFM application of the Wellhead Platform, which started in 2021.   Wellhead Platform   Project Summary   Vidya and Equinor first joined forces through the Equinor Bridge 2021 innovation program. The project’s initial [...]

How Vale Enhanced Integrity Management with Digital Structural Integrity

Vale, an international company committed to sustainable mining, operates across over 20 countries. Far beyond mineral extraction, Vale’s extent encompasses logistics, managing an extensive network of railroads, ports, and terminals, while actively involved in the energy and steel sectors. In this context, Vale partnered with Vidya Technology to improve the Conveyor Belt’s integrity strategies with the DSI (Digital Structural Integrity) application in the ‘’M-spot’’, a mining-oriented innovation program. And, after a successful pilot, the collaboration extended to a rollout of 5 additional assets.   Project Summary   Vale and Vidya started their collaboration in 2020. The project’s mission was to [...]

What is the difference between AIM and APM?

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) and Asset Performance Management (APM) are concepts that often get confused. Indeed, both focus on enhancing maintenance plans while reducing costs. However, it is necessary to understand which problems they specifically address to visualize the scope of their benefits. In this context, let’s learn about the main differences between these two vital concepts for heavy asset industries.   The role of AIM   As the name suggests, Asset Integrity Management focuses on the physical integrity of the asset, its purpose is to improve operational safety and maintenance planning. This strategy provides necessary outputs to industries about [...]

Why predictive maintenance isn’t always an answer

Intro   Predictive maintenance has proven to be an effective methodology for enhancing the lifespan of valuable assets in the industrial sector, as it allows companies to predict when equipment is likely to fail or stop. This way, proactive measures can be taken to prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs.     Besides that, a November 2021 report from IoT Analytics estimated that the $6.9 billion predictive maintenance market would reach $28.2 billion by 2026. This showcases the immense potential this technology has, allowing companies to optimize their outcomes while reducing downtime. However, if this technology isn’t adequately implemented, [...]

Why system integration is a must

Intro As industries get more digitalized, the need for establishing an integrated digital environment increases. In this sense, the extensive amount of data that large operations generate requires interconnectedness in order to properly monitor every part of an asset’s infrastructure. In this post, we’ll take a look at why this integration is a must, the advantages it provides, and how it can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of businesses, especially heavy asset industries.   The rise of digital tools and the need for integration   The process of digitalization is reshaping how industries face their routines. From manufacturing to [...]

How APM is enabling longer asset life cycles while reducing downtime

Intro   Managing equipment life cycle is a sensitive matter that requires a careful approach from heavy asset industries. In this context, properly addressing maintenance practices lies in reducing unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance strategies with the intent of improving asset availability and readiness. For this reason, Asset Performance Management (APM) is a key concept to understand how this process can be streamlined.     However, before getting into how asset life cycles are being optimized, it is necessary to understand the role of APM.   What is the role of Asset Performance Management?   Asset Performance Management does [...]

AI Applications in Safety and Risk Management for Oil and Gas

Intro   Hazardous environments are inherent to Oil and Gas operations, especially in offshore locations. Their dangerous conditions have constantly put workers and the environment at risk. Besides that, productivity is also threatened by the asset core activities, mainly affected by corrosion-generating processes. This worrying scenario requires an optimized method of risk management. In this sense, AI plays a pivotal role in mitigating risk management concerns, and enhancing maintenance control by constantly monitoring the asset’s health. Despite that, there still are several nuances that contemplate the complexity of risk management in each operation. For this reason, let's delve into the [...]

How the petrochemical industry can benefit from advanced analytics

The petrochemical industry is essential for the manufacturing of materials that are utilized in a range of products of daily use, such as textiles, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. Thus, this industry's efficiency has a direct impact on our daily lives. In an industry that is driven by technology and innovation, it's no surprise that advanced analytics is becoming an increasingly important tool for companies in this environment. This blog post aims to explain how the petrochemical industries can benefit from advanced analytics, including real operational applications.   Predictive maintenance     Advanced analytics offers significant [...]

March 29th, 2023|Asset Performance Management|

Paper vs Digital Inspections

Intro Oil and Gas operations pose unique challenges to their operations when the matter is inspection and maintenance. Since this kind of activity involves a variety of risks and complexities, it is not uncommon to find field workers filling out paper reports, and walking around the facility looking for potential problems.   This is a traditional-manual method, on which oil and gas companies relied throughout the years when performing risk assessments with the goal of preventing potential hazards that could compromise the continuity of the operation. Meanwhile, digital transformation has been disrupting the way things are done with increasingly advanced [...]

Maximizing Efficiency and Safety in Mining Operations with Asset Performance Management

Intro   The mining industry is continuously facing the challenges of equipment downtime, high maintenance costs, and safety risks. These problems can negatively impact a mining operation's productivity and profitability. However, asset performance management has been proven to be of great assistance to address these hurdles.   The challenges of Mining Industries   Mining operations face a number of obstacles related to the management and performance of their equipment and infrastructure. One of the most significant challenges is equipment downtime, which can occur due to a variety of reasons such as equipment failure, lack of maintenance, or unplanned events. Downtime [...]

January 25th, 2023|Asset Performance Management, Mining|
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