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Computer Vision: Understanding its importance to the Industry

Intro   Computer vision is one of the subfields of what we know as Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to advances in hardware and computing resources, this technique is widely used today. Computer vision is the ability of machines to "see" and make decisions about what they have seen. In this post, we will talk about the main concepts involving this technology that has been increasingly present in our daily lives. What is Machine Vision   The field of study and development of computer vision aims to develop algorithms that are able to process visual data, similar to humans, and transform this [...]

January 4th, 2023|Artificial Intelligence|

The active role of AI in industries’ future

Artificial intelligence has transformed the world through its application for different purposes around the globe. The recurrent use and interest in this technique have led to several developments that rapidly transformed the industrial operating environment through advances in computational techniques. Since 2020 we can notice an accelerated movement of digitalization driven by digital transformation and concepts previously presented in industry 4.0. The technologies developed in these periods and their fast emergence have provided enough visibility for broad application in complex tasks among production processes and industrial operations.     The trend is that, in the coming years, the application [...]

What is a Data Lake?

Since the digital transformation, many data have begun to be gathered in the midst of industrial processes and operations. Technologies such as machine learning, big data, and cloud computing are some of the tools developed in this period in order to handle this data so that it can become useful.   Within this scenario, a new concept of storage starts to be discussed. In this text we will address what are the main characteristics, definitions, and benefits of a Data Lake, and what opportunities this concept creates for data scientists who want to extract maximum value from data.   What [...]

May 19th, 2022|Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, iot|

How smart industries will be

Can you imagine what the industries will be like 10 years from now? The concept of industry of the future or smart industries describes the application of different combinations of modern technologies to create a hyperflexible and self-adaptive operating and manufacturing capability.     Smart factories are an opportunity to create new forms of efficiency and flexibility by connecting different processes and information flows. Some technologies are essential to this concept. Let's address the top 3 below. IoT - (Internet of Things)   The Internet of Things is the ability of devices to communicate with each other without human [...]

December 15th, 2021|Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, iot|

Artificial Intelligence as a data-driven approach to Industries problem solving

Artificial intelligence is one of the main tools of digital transformation. It is from this rich technique that industries have the opportunity to optimize their operation based on data.   The use of artificial intelligence is spreading within industrial processes and operations, however, the use of this technique has been becoming even more relevant to prevent accidents, failures and reduce carbon emissions in industries. Artificial intelligence algorithms are capable of extracting, processing, and storing large amounts of data.     A sub-area of ​​development within artificial intelligence called Machine Learning has enabled industries to extract valuable knowledge from this [...]

November 19th, 2021|Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin|

The relation between Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important modern technologies and it is through its development that many tasks gain new possibilities for automation and execution.   The concept was first proposed by John McCarthy at an expert meeting at Dartmouth College in 1956. Until then, artificial intelligence was used only for laboratory research and the use of giant machines that performed basic activities based on arithmetic calculations for performing simple operations.     Only a few decades later, the application of artificial intelligence began to be executed in the industrial market, mainly due to the improvement in the [...]

October 29th, 2021|Artificial Intelligence|

What is Big Data and how the industry benefits from it

Big Data é um termo popularizado desde a Indústria 4.0 e tem sido amplamente utilizado em muitos setores da indústria e de tecnologia. Mas, afinal, o que é Big Data e qual é sua contribuição para os processos e operações industriais?   O Big Data começou a se popularizar em meados de 2013 e, desde então, vem crescendo cada vez mais e se tornando uma técnica essencial para as indústrias de hoje.     Basicamente, Big Data é a capacidade de analisar, processar e armazenar grandes quantidades de dados, de forma que essa análise possa gerar um conhecimento valioso [...]

Use data to your advantage in industrial operations

With the arrival of new technologies on the factory floor and the constant implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts and digitization of processes and operations, industries began to automate tasks generating valuable knowledge through data to gain performance. However, these industries have gigantic plants, and consequently, a lot of data. We know that in the moment of technological evolution in which we live, data is essential, and the trend is that gradually even more data is generated.     Read: Secrets of Industry 4.0   However, the increase in information extraction generates a counterpoint within industries, which must be taken into [...]

June 29th, 2021|Industry 4.0|

Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence: that’s the secret for better performance

Inspection and maintenance tasks in industrial plants are extremely important for the proper functioning, guarantee of safety, and continuity of an operation. Thanks to Digital Transformation these activities can be enhanced through Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence. The discipline responsible for managing these activities is known as asset integrity management. Among the main duties of this discipline are: Identification of failure mechanisms Identification of loss of performance in assets Management of inspection and maintenance teams We can understand the essentiality of this discipline for the proper functioning of an industrial plant. However, managing assets can be an extremely exhausting and [...]

April 20th, 2021|Asset Integrity Management|

Artificial Intelligence as an alternative for the Oil and Gas sector

The oil and gas sector has been one of the main responsible for the production of energy since the invention of diesel engines, and which has been constantly dealing with strong obstacles thanks to the rise of technologies that have been replacing the use of oil as fuel. In addition to this obstacle, the huge drop in the price of a barrel of oil in 2020 forced this sector to adapt to a new scenario, where the saving of resources with the objective of reducing costs and gaining performance becomes essential for maintaining the functioning of these industries on the [...]

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