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Main challenges regarding Steel Industries Operation and Maintenance

The steel industry is one of the oldest and also one of the most important industries on the global market. However, several problems have been affecting this sector for a long time, due to the rigidity of many processes and the hostile environment they often operate in. This scenario makes innovation in this sector very difficult, but it is still necessary. In this post, the main challenges related to the steel industry will be covered, in order to support the addressing of innovation and process optimization.       4 Major problems in the steel industry   1. [...]

February 7th, 2023|Steel|

How to achieve efficiency in structural integrity management

Intro   Structural integrity is one of the key challenges managed in the midst of industrial operations. From oil drilling to mining, the integrity of structures is a determining factor in the proper functioning of this type of operation. In short, structural integrity is the ability of an asset, equipment, or structure to operate without suffering deformation. For this to be possible, the structure needs to withstand its own weight, as well as external influences such as windstorms, storms, and hail. Normally, this kind of asset is built with materials resistant to its load, and in its own construction are [...]

December 14th, 2022|Asset Integrity Management|

Understanding Asset Integrity Management and its Importance

Asset Integrity Management, also represented by the acronym AIM, is the ability of an industrial asset to perform its function precisely and efficiently, optimizing its useful life and bringing more safety to the people who interact with these assets. Asset management is necessary from the design stage to the end of an asset's useful life. All stages of the process must be taken into account so that there is efficient management without major risks to the environment, people and the industrial installation of which they are a part. In this blog, we will show the challenges that the industry [...]

November 21st, 2022|Asset Integrity Management|

Structural Integrity: aspects of one of industry’s main challenges

Intro The structural integrity of a piece of equipment or part is essential for the proper functioning of an industrial operation. To ensure safety within industries, it is in the operation and maintenance phase that integrity managers have the great challenge of ensuring that all equipment in operation can maintain their levels of productivity, safety, and performance through continuous monitoring and corrective actions, if necessary. In this blog, we will talk a little about the main characteristics of problems related to the structural integrity of equipment, and how these problems can be addressed. What is it Structural integrity refers to [...]

July 27th, 2022|Asset Integrity Management, Corrosion|

3 ways to optimize Steel Industry operation and maintenance results

Despite being an essential sector for almost every type of operation, from the supply of raw materials to the manufacturing of final products, the steel industry is not immune to various economic problems and challenges in optimizing its operation. Aiming to strengthen itself after the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, several opportunities in process optimization and maintenance in this sector have emerged. But what can the managers of these industries focus on to minimize the after-effects of years of declining results? Read the article below and find out what are the best ways to optimize the operation and maintenance [...]

July 21st, 2022|Asset Integrity Management, Steel|

Accidents that shaped the future of AIM

Any industry manager aims to achieve a risk-free and safe operation for his workers. However, the complexity of processes makes it difficult to map and fully understand the operation at all times, leaving room for errors to occur that could lead to serious accidents. In this context, due to several industrial accidents that have occurred in history, the industrial asset integrity management has evolved over time so that people are exposed to fewer risks and big magnitude accidents are mitigated. The evolution of technology aimed at AIM assessment brings up the question: would it be possible to avoid tragedies [...]

July 19th, 2022|Asset Integrity Management|

The many applications and benefits of Digital Twins in the different PLM phases

Regardless of the implemented project or the used management methodology, all projects can be separated into basic stages for a better understanding from their beginning to their end. This separation can be done through the PLM (Project Lifecycle Management), which serves to indicate each of these stages and facilitates the management of new or existing projects. PLM's functionality is also very valuable in industry, when analyzing, for example, the development of an industrial plant or the improvement of a process with new equipment. In this scenario, in search for greater efficiency in the operation, digital transformation allies itself to [...]

April 7th, 2022|Digital Twin|

How to implement Asset Integrity Systems

Asset integrity management is a program that has been present in the most diverse industrial segments for some time now. The application of an AIM program is essential for the proper functioning of the operation, in addition to reducing risks to operators and providing the business profitability in the long term.     In order for asset integrity systems to be implemented and managed, joint efforts between many areas of the company are necessary for their execution to be efficient.   Both the company and the plant must provide the necessary resources for the implementation to be carried out [...]

January 13th, 2022|Asset Integrity Management|

Use data to your advantage in industrial operations

With the arrival of new technologies on the factory floor and the constant implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts and digitization of processes and operations, industries began to automate tasks generating valuable knowledge through data to gain performance. However, these industries have gigantic plants, and consequently, a lot of data. We know that in the moment of technological evolution in which we live, data is essential, and the trend is that gradually even more data is generated.     Read: Secrets of Industry 4.0   However, the increase in information extraction generates a counterpoint within industries, which must be taken into [...]

June 29th, 2021|Industry 4.0|

How to manage assets in a smarter way

Asset integrity management is the discipline responsible for the continuity and security of an industrial operation. No matter the industry or its sector, having effective and efficient integrity strategies is a daily challenge that is very important for everyone involved in the operation.   Asset integrity is the discipline responsible for ensuring the health of thousands of components in a plant, process, or machine. It is through it that the operation is fed with information about overload in specific elements, or loss of productive capacity. The management is also responsible for ensuring performance and identifying failure mechanisms. Having a good [...]

May 13th, 2021|Digital Transformation|
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