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The evolution in Asset Integrity Management

The industries over the last few years have faced the growing importance of using digital systems aimed at the integrity of assets in their operation. The essentiality of the digitalization of this discipline for the maintenance of a continuous, safe process, with better performance indexes, is already known by many managers, and the implementation of new technologies that optimize the integrity of these assets is already part of the digital transformation of large companies. Read: Asset integrity the secrets behind management As much as the subject is already known by the industry, there are still many difficulties in adapting to [...]

Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence: that’s the secret for better performance

Inspection and maintenance tasks in industrial plants are extremely important for the proper functioning, guarantee of safety, and continuity of an operation. Thanks to Digital Transformation these activities can be enhanced through Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence. The discipline responsible for managing these activities is known as asset integrity management. Among the main duties of this discipline are: Identification of failure mechanisms Identification of loss of performance in assets Management of inspection and maintenance teams We can understand the essentiality of this discipline for the proper functioning of an industrial plant. However, managing assets can be an extremely exhausting and [...]

April 20th, 2021|Asset Integrity Management|

4 Systems in one? See how Ocyan did it using Digital Twin

The history of Vidya and Ocyan Waves began in 2020, and it has been a great journey! Last year we were selected for the Digital Twin: BOP (Subsea Blowout Preventer) Challenge, and today the proof of concept (POC) developed at the challenge evolved into the following amazing project with them!  The BOP (Subsea Blowout Preventer) is an extremely important piece of equipment to guarantee the safety of the drilling operation of an oil well. It is composed of a set of valves responsible for closing the well in an emergency, preventing oil leakage. All of the crucial data for operations [...]

Digital Twin is revolutionizing Asset Integrity activities in the industry – but how does it works?

Have you ever come across an article talking about how Digital Twin will change industries? The search for this technology is increasing among many industrial managers, especially the asset integrity ones, and software powered by this solution is the sector’s bet.    Digital Twin History    The Digital Twin was originally designed by Michael Grieves in 2002, to be used in industries Project Life-cycle Management (PLM). To simply define a Digital Twin, it is the digital representation of an existing object, with the ability to exchange data. In a real Digital Twin, all the data flows from the physical to [...]

January 26th, 2021|Asset Integrity Management, Digital Twin|

The journey of digital transformation for the Mining sector

Since antiquity, mining activity has been present in civilizations, and since then it has played a very important role in the supply of mineral material for the development of tools, technologies, and inputs. The importance of this industrial sector is unquestionable. However, the sector faces several difficulties on its way so that its operation remains profitable, safe, and with the minimum possible environmental impacts. As it is a very complex operation and involves heavy machinery in its operations, it is not uncommon to find examples of accidents or failures that compromise the integrity of operators and the continuity of the [...]

Vidya’s Software New Features!

Vidya Software has evolved over the years, but in 2020 this evolution was greater than ever! With a team of asset integrity specialists prepared to improve our product based on customer insights, and focused in offering the best industrial software in the market for Asset Integrity Management, we’ve developed new and cutting edge important features.  Vidya is committed to  improving the software and making it a more agile, interoperable and reliable digital solution in the market. Focused on cost-efficiency, Vidya’s team is always developing new ways to increase the productivity of the industrial process. Check out which are these features!  [...]

January 22nd, 2021|Asset Integrity Management, Digital Twin, Vidya News|

How disruption can agregate in Oil and Gas operations

The oil and gas industry has been constantly faced in recent years with the need for reinvention in the midst of a period where the need to adapt to renewable energy and its impacts on oil consumption are increasingly present. The disruption that the sector faces is perhaps the biggest among industries. It is a sector that must adapt to new business models in order to maintain competitiveness in the market, operating with sustainability, and less risk.   For this, new strategies are needed to add value to operations through technologies that optimize the workforce, generating value and purpose to [...]

January 20th, 2021|Asset Integrity Management, Digital Transformation|

Artificial Intelligence as an alternative for the Oil and Gas sector

The oil and gas sector has been one of the main responsible for the production of energy since the invention of diesel engines, and which has been constantly dealing with strong obstacles thanks to the rise of technologies that have been replacing the use of oil as fuel. In addition to this obstacle, the huge drop in the price of a barrel of oil in 2020 forced this sector to adapt to a new scenario, where the saving of resources with the objective of reducing costs and gaining performance becomes essential for maintaining the functioning of these industries on the [...]

Vidya Software: The new digital age for the pulp and paper sector

The digital transformation has enabled industries to achieve forms of optimization and automation within their operations never seen before. Through sensors, algorithms, and artificial intelligence techniques, data extraction, and analysis on the operation, has become one of the main advantages of the industries that have chosen to make use of the new technologies of industry 4.0.   In case you don't know what industry 4.0 is, what its effects were for the industry's production chains, and how the manufacturing processes were transformed from it, I have content that will help you understand everything about this important moment. Click here and [...]

Vidya Software: a smart tool, for smart industries

Vidya Software is a software developed to meet the need of complex industries to ensure the greatest control over the integrity of their assets, through a digital system that makes use of Digital Twin. Discover the Digital Twin technology, its importance, and application in industrial processes through exclusive content about this technology. Click and access!     Through the Software, it is possible to easily select elements to be inspected. By clicking on the elements we can define parameterizable attributes according to the specific needs of your operation. The software allows these elements to be associated with pre-existing execution plans, [...]

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