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Benefits of Predictive Maintenance for Christmas Tree Equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry

Predictive maintenance is a modern approach to equipment maintenance that aims to predict potential failures and prevent them before they occur. In the oil and gas industry, the importance of maintenance cannot be ignored, as equipment downtime can result in significant financial losses and a decrease in production, as well as a safety risk. For example, one of the most relevant equipment for upstream oil and gas industries during the product extraction phase is the Christmas Tree, which is largely responsible for controlling productivity and safety in the operation. In other words, a failure that impairs its operation can [...]

March 22nd, 2023|Maintenance, Oil and Gas|

Paper vs Digital Inspections

Intro Oil and Gas operations pose unique challenges to their operations when the matter is inspection and maintenance. Since this kind of activity involves a variety of risks and complexities, it is not uncommon to find field workers filling out paper reports, and walking around the facility looking for potential problems.   This is a traditional-manual method, on which oil and gas companies relied throughout the years when performing risk assessments with the goal of preventing potential hazards that could compromise the continuity of the operation. Meanwhile, digital transformation has been disrupting the way things are done with increasingly advanced [...]

Investment in Digital Fabric Maintenance Solution Saves USD$965,000 for FPSO in One Year

The implementation of Digital Fabric Maintenance solution has enabled greater digitalization and a reduction of more than 70% in the total time spent on inspection and development of maintenance plans in an active FPSO   Innovation in the Oil & Gas industry has become increasingly attractive. Despite this, McKinsey research indicates that offshore platforms currently operate on average at only 77% of their maximum potential, which generates even more interest in Oil & Gas companies worldwide in adopting new tools for their operation. In this scenario, in order to speed up the corrosion assessment process and the creation of [...]

March 8th, 2023|Oil and Gas|

Exploring the Depths: Understanding Offshore Oil Drilling

Introduction:   Subsea drilling is a complex and challenging operation that requires advanced technologies, techniques, and skilled teams to achieve optimal safety and efficiency. Despite the access to previously unreachable resources, it poses unique challenges such as deepwater drilling, harsh environments, and high costs. In recent years, however, drilling analytics and digital technologies focused on asset performance management have emerged as powerful tools for addressing these challenges and improving the safety and efficiency of subsea drilling operations.   The concept behind Oil drilling   Drilling for oil is the process of extracting hydrocarbons, primarily crude oil, and natural gas, from [...]

March 1st, 2023|Asset Integrity Management, Offshore, Oil and Gas|

Difference Between Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

Intro: The oil and gas industry has significant importance in the global economy. Its role goes beyond providing energy, but also the production of a wide range of daily products. The industry is basically made up of three main segments, each of them responsible for a specific part of the whole process of extracting crude oil from the subsurface and turning it into commercial goods. They are the upstream, midstream, and downstream. Each one of them plays a unique role in the production, transportation, and distribution process of oil and gas products. In this blog post, we will explore and [...]

February 22nd, 2023|Oil and Gas|

Why system integration is a must

Intro As industries continue to get more digitalized, it's becoming increasingly important for businesses to have this digital environment as seamless and integrated as possible. With so many different platforms working together, system integration is essential for connecting every part of a company's digital infrastructure. In this post, we'll take a look at why this integration is a must, the advantages it provides, and how it can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of a business.   The rise of digital tools and the need for integration   The process of digitalization is transforming industries across the board. From manufacturing [...]

The Challenges of Offshore Vessel Inspections

Intro   Inspection surveys are essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of offshore oil and gas vessels. These complex systems require regular surveys to ensure adequate operating conditions and performance, complying with legal regulations, and without risks that could pose a threat to the workforce or the physical structure itself. However, performing this activity in offshore environments can be a challenging and hazardous duty. Main challenges of Inspection of Oil & Gas vessels   Historically, maintenance issues in offshore oil and gas installations have been identified in a visual manner by skilled technicians. However, this common approach presents bottlenecks [...]

January 18th, 2023|Digital Transformation|

3 Ways to Improve Oil & Gas Industries’ Operations Through Digital Transformation

Although each industry has its own specificities, it is common to find some standard problems in Oil and Gas companies, mainly due to poor data management and contextualization. As main focuses, we can mention the difficulty in assertively inspecting the structural integrity of the industry, lack of complete understanding of the efficiency of equipment, and poor operational and worker safety. Therefore, knowing the recurrence of these problems, the following list shows how, through the digital transformation process, it is possible to minimize the consequences generated by poor data management, more specifically by applying Digital Twin technology to the operation [...]

December 7th, 2022|Digital Transformation|

Top 3 Oil and Gas Trends for 2023

The search for digital solutions to the challenges faced in the oil and gas industries intensifies every year. According to BDO Global, it is predicted that the digital oilfield market, consisting of the internet of things, analytics, and cloud computing, will surpass US$20 billion by 2023. In this scenario, some technological trends stand out among the most necessary in the industrial environment, especially those focused on the optimization of maintenance processes and energy transition. Check below the top 3 trends in the oil and gas industries for the year 2023:   1. Critical Equipments Analytics   Following the problems [...]

November 30th, 2022|Digital Twin|

What is Process Safety Management

Intro   The oil and gas industry is characterized by the exploration of oil and natural gas in extremely hostile environments generating constant risks to the staff, the environment, and also to the integrity of the plant. Offshore operations are marked by their high complexity, with many processes occurring simultaneously in tens of thousands of heavy assets. In this scenario, operational safety management has the objective of developing internal procedures in order to avoid accidents and provide assertive measures to decision-makers. What is Process Safety?   As mentioned before, Process safety management is about developing efficient and effective safety management [...]

October 19th, 2022|Asset Integrity Management, Digital Transformation|
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