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Understanding Asset Integrity Management and its Importance

Asset Integrity Management, also represented by the acronym AIM, is the ability of an industrial asset to perform its function precisely and efficiently, optimizing its useful life and bringing more safety to the people who interact with these assets. Asset management is necessary from the design stage to the end of an asset's useful life. All stages of the process must be taken into account so that there is efficient management without major risks to the environment, people and the industrial installation of which they are a part. In this blog, we will show the challenges that the industry [...]

November 21st, 2022|Asset Integrity Management|

The active role of AI in industries’ future

Artificial intelligence has transformed the world through its application for different purposes around the globe. The recurrent use and interest in this technique have led to several developments that rapidly transformed the industrial operating environment through advances in computational techniques. Since 2020 we can notice an accelerated movement of digitalization driven by digital transformation and concepts previously presented in industry 4.0. The technologies developed in these periods and their fast emergence have provided enough visibility for broad application in complex tasks among production processes and industrial operations.     The trend is that, in the coming years, the application [...]

How Digital Twin Technology can predict failure, risk and cost 2022

Asset integrity management is an essential task for any type of industry, especially renewable energy, oil and gas, offshore, mining, manufacturing, energy, and other complex industrial plants. Besides being indispensable to achieving the expected results from these industries, it also involves increasing the life cycle of the equipment, reducing risks, and also reducing the plant's operating costs, which are extremely high. However, fulfilling the goal of keeping the operation's efficiency at its maximum is not simple, especially in low-digitized environments. In this context, Digital Twin technology serves as a solution to optimize the process of digital transformation in the [...]

April 14th, 2022|Digital Twin|

Vidya Software: The new digital age for the pulp and paper sector

The digital transformation has enabled industries to achieve forms of optimization and automation within their operations never seen before. Through sensors, algorithms, and artificial intelligence techniques, data extraction, and analysis on the operation, has become one of the main advantages of the industries that have chosen to make use of the new technologies of industry 4.0.   In case you don't know what industry 4.0 is, what its effects were for the industry's production chains, and how the manufacturing processes were transformed from it, I have content that will help you understand everything about this important moment. Click here and [...]

Vidya Software: a smart tool, for smart industries

Vidya Software is a software developed to meet the need of complex industries to ensure the greatest control over the integrity of their assets, through a digital system that makes use of Digital Twin. Discover the Digital Twin technology, its importance, and application in industrial processes through exclusive content about this technology. Click and access!     Through the Software, it is possible to easily select elements to be inspected. By clicking on the elements we can define parameterizable attributes according to the specific needs of your operation. The software allows these elements to be associated with pre-existing execution plans, [...]

Revolutionize inspection activities with Vidya Software

Have you ever imagined having complete control over the integrity of industrial assets on a centralized and fully digital platform?   With Vidya Software this is possible!   In addition to delivering greater control over the information needed for strategic decision making, Vidya Software is a great ally for planning inspection and maintenance plans, automating the process. Through the software, service orders and documentation are now shared digitally with the teams involved in the activity, making the process more agile and more cost-effective. VIDYA SOFTWARE IN OPTIMIZING INSPECTION TASKS   Through the 3D model, the operator can quickly locate the [...]

Automate inspection activities with Vidya Software

Vidya was born with the premise of guaranteeing intelligent solutions for industries that needed greater control over the integrity of their industrial assets.   It was thinking about the great challenges faced by the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and mining industries, that our team of integrity specialists developed the solution that has led large industries to achieve better results, with the optimization of processes that were previously done manually. VIDYA SOFTWARE AS A SOLUTION FOR BETTER RESULTS   Vidya's software aims to ensure broad control over the integrity of industrial assets in plants with a high degree of complexity. Through [...]

Artificial Intelligence and its application to industries

The various computational techniques of Artificial Intelligence have revolutionized the most varied aspects, in industries of the most diverse segments. With the advancement of the computing capacity of computers, and also the use of high-performance graphics processors and cloud computing, these industries have obtained greater control and performance over many processes and operations, making it possible to extract strategic information about data collected by companies in their processes. For some industries, the use of predictive and descriptive algorithms is already essential to achieve better results and maintain the competitive position of the market. If you still do not know the [...]

August 18th, 2020|Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin|

Internet of Things (IoT) in 5 steps

In the past years, new technologies have spurred what now is called the fourth industrial revolution, as Internet of Things. From these new discoveries, many changes began to be part of the industries and, consequently, of people’s daily lives. Among the many new technologies, one of them stands out and draws the attention of many people and companies due to its fundamental role and its diverse functionalities: IoT (Internet of Things). Find out 5 topics that will change the way you see this technology that has revolutionized the world: 1. The beginning The concept came about in 1999 by Kevin [...]

August 13th, 2020|iot|

Predict costs and optimize asset integrity with Vidya Software

Learn how your company can forecast costs and optimize inspection and maintenance using asset integrity management software.   Many industry managers face a major challenge when it comes to asset integrity management. In addition to having to guarantee the smooth functioning of the plant with the minimum possible interruptions, they also need to guarantee the safety of all employees following strict legal protocols, and constantly check if the assets can still perform their functions or if their useful lives are near the end.   To make this possible, those in charge have the challenge of managing a high amount of [...]

August 13th, 2020|Asset Integrity Management|
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